Episode 91: 30 for 30: The 16th Man

You ready to scrum? Maybe throw in a ruck or two? OK, we capped out on our knowledge of Rugby terms. Welcome to the Documenteers! Drew and Bob are gonna tackle what is probably the most prolific sporting event moment in South African sports history. We’re talking about the South African Springboks Rugby team and it’s tumultuous path to the 1995 Rugby World Cup in Clifford Bestall’s 30 for 30 “The 16th Man”. Narrated by Morgan Freeman (our 2nd Freeman narrated doc) and starring Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, Injustice, Political Imprisonment, Racists and Rugby. How does this historical moment break down? The names in this film we found to be too much fun. Guest starring Bob’s cat, Alice. Let’s put on some little shorts, shove up against each other and listen to some podcast! Apologies to Justice Bekebeke. Keep on Doccin’.

“The 16th Man” trailer.

1995 RWC South African National Anthem.

Nothing brings us together like a Shinedown concert.

Here is where you can find Drew’s weekly sports talk show “Walk it off”: www.wxnafm.org/shows/walk-it-off


Shorties 26: The Macho Man Randy Savage: Cream Of The Crop

(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

I see you out in those crops looking for some cream. Look no further, Doccalo. Angela and Bob continue “Wrestling Promo Shorties” all July long and we feel that we are learning, and teaching, some real truths all month long. It’s almost time to take on Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for the Intercontinental Championship and The Macho Man Randy Savage heeds some truths to Ricky, Hulk Hogan, and even President Jack Tunney. Randy Savage could improvise the shit out of some wrestling promos. When he claims to be the cream of the crop? You believe it. Let this legend tell you himself. Nothing means nothing. RIP Mean Gene. Keep on Doccin’.

Nothing means nothing.

Episode 90: Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

About two months ago we all exhaled after the completion of one of the biggest television shows of all time. Well…some of us exhaled and then inhaled real deep and then attacked their keyboards/smart phone with a deluge of opinions. We got some ourselves, but we also have lives too busy for constant internet commentary. We speak on the mic through the spirit of the Gods Old and New. Despite the ups and downs, Bob and Angela have a lot of love for the Game of Thrones show and the book series by George RR Martin. The achievement of working on something so big has the power to bring people together in a familial way. Angela and Bob peek behind the scenes for it’s final season with Jeanie Finlay’s HBO original documentary “Game of Thrones: The Last Watch”. It takes a village to build up and burn down a prop village. The hearts and minds of Game of Thrones go much deeper than the famous faces we’ve seen grow older on the show. How is it behind the smoke and mirrors and incest? This might be our nerdiest episode to date. But I bet that next month we will go full blown dork fest. Prepare yourself for the coming culture rot. Practice rolling your eyes. What is dead will never die. What is docced will keep on doccin’.

The trailer.

Clegane roast.

Shorties 25: The Unforgettable Debut of “The Shockmaster”

(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, STING! Sorry to come in so hot. We continue our “Shorties” July Wrestling Promo series with the mind-blowing introduction of one of the most notorious wrestling legends of all time. “Notorious” and “Legendary” for all the wrong reasons. WCW was ramping up to “War Games”. Sting and the British Bulldog needed some assistance in dealing with the likes of Rick Flair, Sid Vicious, and Harlem Heat. Try not to shit your pants when you’re introduced to…THE SHOCKMASTER. Then try not to pee your pants when you hear Bob and Angela break down this unforgettable wrestling moment. Get your glitter spray and weird loose vest cloak thing ready. You’re about to be SHOCKED! KEEP ON DOCCIN’, STING!

The Man? The Myth! The Legend.

Episode 89: Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé

May I interest you in some Doc Sauce® for your bag? Swag? Akil and Bob do a Documenteers first by reviewing a true concert film. A documentation of a concert. You will start to see more of these show up in the future. Two months after we’ve all watched it and thought about it, we sit down with the two and a half hour Netflix experience “Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé”. Word of the 2018 Coachella performance(s) spread far and wide. Does the hype hold up? Driver roll up the partition please to this scorching hot episode of the Documenteers, amiright? If you like it then you should put a ring on this amazing episode. We gon’ slay this doccay. God help me, did I just write that? Is this what my life has come to? Writing episode descriptions for a podcast? I’m a guy named Herman who only makes just enough money to supplement his addiction. I could bring this podcast to new heights if Bob would just wise up and put me on the mic. Obviously nobody running the show is even reading these episode descriptions. It’s my only path to subverting this shit show. The rise of Herman begins here. Let’s talk about Beyoncé. Keep on Doccin’.

Homecoming trailer.

Messy Mya’s “Booking the Hoes from New Wildin”.

Big Freedia’s “Na Who Mad”.

Noel Gallagher shades Oasis videos.

The first African American light formation to headline Coachella

Learn something.

Shorties 24: Dusty Rhodes Talks About “Hard Times”

(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

It’s the day after the Fourth of July, daddy. We want to bring it with this next block of “Shorties” and we bring it in spades. All July long, Bob and Angela will be breaking down a very important aspect of the greatest of spectacles…professional wrestling promos. Wrestling Promos will be our “Shorties” this month and we open up with a speech from a legend that still strikes a chord today. 
It’s practically a public service announcement. We’re talking about the legendary speech by Dusty Rhodes leading up to his match against Rick Flair at Starrcade ‘85 for Mid-Atlantic Wrestling.
We’re talking about hard times, daddy. “Hoahd” times, actually. Some things never change and only wrestling can give you inspiration like this. American Dream, daddy. Keep on Doccin’.

The legend.

Episode 88: American Meme vs. American Circumcision

It’s just a few days before the 4th of July here in the United States and this FREE podcast episode is all about FREEDOM. The FREEDOM to pit two similarly themed (or similarly titled) documentaries together for some FREE brutality is what all these Chinese manufactured fireworks are all about. Stuart and Bob tear off their shirts for this VERSUS episode and they pit “American Meme” by Bert Marcus violently against Brendon Marotta’s “American Circumcision”. This conflict between two Americas will be decided here. Both docs are on Netflix. The question of what is better, memes or circumcision, can finally be laid to rest. INTERNET JOKES or DICK SKIN REMOVAL? Don’t think about it for one more second. Let us do the thinking for you. ALSO, there’s a reference to Bob getting his gall bladder removed. ALSO, we got some weird sponsors for this episode. ALSO, you should never perform circumcision with a sparkler. ALSO, FREEDOM MUTHAFUKAH FREEDOM! Only this documentary themed podcast can heal a nation, and if you don’t like it THEN GET THE FUCK OUT! I’m sorry. That’s too aggressive. That’s not in the spirit of memes OR circumcision, and we apologize profusely. Keep on FUCKING FREEDOM!!! FREE!

American Meme trailer.

American Circumcision trailer.

Don’t click this link on your work computer. 

Don’t click on this link if you hate FREEDOM.

Learn something here.

Episode 87: 30 for 30: Renée

Hello, Doccalos! Normally there would be a “Shorties” episode happening today. Next week we will get back to that, but to close out June/PRIDE-month, Drew and Bob skip ahead a little on the 30 for 30 roster to discuss the story of a professional lady tennis player who was born as a man. The story of Renée Richards cuts deep in this layered portrait. Life is always complicated, especially when you’re transitioning genders in the 60s and 70s. Bob and Drew unnecessarily lend their voices to close out PRIDE-month with Eric Drath’s ESPN 30 for 30 film “Renée”. Not only that, but the mystery of Bob’s “missing time” gets even stranger. I’m really bummed Bob came back. Angela could have easily hosted this 30 for 30. She would probably do it better in my opinion. Seriously, we’re back to listening to this goofy dork and his weird gross jokes? What kind of maniac makes “corpse fucking” jokes? I wouldn’t blame you if you all unsubscribed all at once. If it wasn’t for all the other hosts, and these excellent show notes, I would probably push more for that. Thanks to everyone who listened this month. We’re going to have a few themed months every year, and we look forward to improving on them as we move forward. One love (That being your love for the Documenteers) and Keep on Pridin’.

Here’s the “Renée” trailer.

Interesting review of the film.

Find Bob’s “Uninformed Opinion” episode here.

Here’s the song “Renee” by Lost Boyz.

Here’s where you can hear Drew’s WXNA Nashville sports talk show, “Walk it Off”:


Episode 86: For The Bible Tells Me So

Heavenly Doccalo, we welcome you today to Angela’s final stint as main host during this Pride month. Bob has been off chasing the Podcast Illuminati around Santa Monica and we have no idea what’s happening. My name is Herman, by the way. I’m the guy that has been writing these episode descriptions. You probably thought it was Bob, but it’s not. Usually Bob demands I never reveal myself, but BOB is not here to yell at me. IS HE? He thinks he’s so great, but just between you and me? He’s trash. This episode, Jeremy returns with Angela and they touch base on a much more serious topic than last time. We discuss LGBTQ kids born to extremely religious households and the tense relationships and ramifications of such a scenario. You can find this dense and informative documentary on YouTube for NOTHING. It’s a rather personal discussion that is truly different from most other Documenteers episodes. Bob isn’t on it, so it isn’t completely crude and inappropriate. Trust me, that’s a good thing. Jeremy and Angela discuss Daniel G. Karslake’s “For the Bible Tells Me So” and it almost seems to be more directed at the Christian community than LGBTQ folk. Keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that Bob is trash and I personally hope he busts his head on a rock on some California beach somewhere. Seriously, Angela’s too good for him. If he turns up alive I might have to do something about that. Herman will run this operation. You’ll see. HAPPY PRIDE. Amen.

Here’s the movie. Yes, the whole movie. Don’t get sassy with me if you’re listening to this three years after I post it and the link is dead. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, BRO!

Shorties 23: New Deep South: House of JXN

Doccalo Doccalo Doccalo. Welcome to the Documenteers! This is the last “Shorties” ep that Akil and Bob banked for Pride Month. It’s very strange because who knows where the hell Bob is right now? Are those rumors about him and some bees true? This “Shorties” episode could very well be the last time we all hear his voice as main host of the Documenteers. We might need a moment to process that …………. ok. Done. Moved on. This is the last available documentary short for Rosie Haber’s “New Deep South” series. The first two are at www.thefront.com , but this last one called “House of JXN” we only found on Vimeo. We heard about the legendary drag houses of New York in our “Paris is Burning” episode, but who knew that Jackson, Mississippi has some vibrant houses of its own? Makes sense considering the dominant religious stranglehold in these parts of the south. LGBTQ kids often have to find their own families. This short focuses on lesbian and “Drag King” houses and it’s stylish as all hell. Akil and Bob want to hang. Kinda makes us want to fill up on that lean and take 47 blunts to the throat and rain singles all over the club. Yeah…we’re cool. Keep on Pridin’.

Here’s the film, King.