Episode 127: Stevie

Grab your snakes! Put them motherfuggers in yer pocket! Ginger and Bob took YOUR Listener Request Month request this week and what a documentary this is! Director Steve James went to go visit a former ward from the “Big Brother” 10 years later. The boy had troubles and a tragic life, and now the man is grown, wild, and dangerous. How does Steve James deal with the compulsive idiocy of a man who may have contributed to vicious cycles of abuse? You can find this requested documentary, “Stevie” by Steve James, on Tubi or Prime. There’s enough Mountain Dew in this flick to drown a small town in southern Illinois. Also…depravity. Memorable sayings. More depravity. Dancing. Peoples Changes they say. Don’t get crazy on that weed and whiskey. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

You can watch it all right here.

No surprise that one of the dumbest websites involves people answering each other’s questions.

Dance for me one more time.

Please dance for me again. I swear this is the last time.

Shorties 58: Behold the Atheist’s Nightmare

Are you an Atheist? If so, get ready to shit your pants with indisputable proof of the non-existence of evolution. The weapon: A BANANA, BITCH! WHAT NOW!?!? Bob and Jonni testify the love on this Listener Requested Shorty/Viral Classic. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, using only a banana, make the case of creationism with the convenient shape of the banana being so perfect with the ape-like hands of human beings. It’s called “Behold the Atheist’s Nightmare” by Evangelist Ray Comfort. Maybe we shoulda saved this for Creeptober because this functions as horror for atheists. You know what to do with that banana. You know what mouth shape you got to make. Go to town and Keep on Doccin’

Behold the Shorty.


Testify his Wiki.

Ray Comfort’s favorite song to perform banana fellatio to.

Episode 126: Brother’s Keeper

We continue on with Listener Request Month and boy do y’all like some bleak shit. Bob and Jonni are subs to our listener’s dom with a sad story of brothers. One is dead. Another accused of killing him. They may be sad sack simpletons, but they are the sad sack simpletons of a rural dairy county in upstate New York. The locals don’t take kindly to some fancy-pants prosecutor from Albany throwing his dick around. Don’t you worry about them Ward boys and don’t you ask any questions about dried come on their pants either! Jonni and Bob discuss the 1992 documentary “Brother’s Keeper” by Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky. I mean who knows whose cum it was. Could have been turkey cum for all we know. MAYBE IT WAS POLICE CUM! FUCKING PIGS!


Oh, look. The whole damn thing.

Who woulda thought he would be the last one standing.

Soooo much truth.

City folk propaganda.

Shorties 57: Angry Man Berates Trumpet Player

It’s Listener Request Month and this pick is designed to burrow into Bob’s heart forever. William (who co-hosted “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” last Monday) steps up again to help Bob out with a Shorty chock full of righteous anger. One fateful afternoon in lower Manhattan, New York City a tiny, oddly-shaped, Paul Simonesque individual decided he couldn’t take this man’s street trumpeting any more. He goes off, and fortunately for us, a diligent New Yorker caught it all on his/her/zer smartphone.
We call this one “Angry Man Berates Trumpet Player” and the self-righteousness is perfectly balanced with the genuine passion. Bob and William will tell you all about it. Don’t be a miserable piece of shit. Go home and practice. You’re flat. You Pip!

The legend.

Chapo and the Safdi Brothers provide more info on the angry man

Episode 125: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Knives out, Doccalo. It’s time for more Listener Request Month and this week is a documentary that has gotten a lot of lip service by documentary appreciators for years and we are the fools that finally get to talk about it. Japan. Tokyo. The district of Roppongi. An ancient man has perfected an ancient art. Jiro is a Michelin starred sushi chef said to be the best in the world. I mean, that’s what that food critic all over Jiro’s balls is sayin’. Bob recruits an old friend, and touring personal chef, William to help him out with this food related documentary recommended by such amazing people as yourself. “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” by David Gelb (Not Gello. Sorry David) Also, Jiro is alive and we kept saying he was dead. That means we can get some answers regarding to what Jiro was up to in the forties. We’re serious. Keep on suspecting.

The trailer.

Whoa, Nelly.

Whoa, Nelly!


Damn. That’s Boujee.

Shorties 56: Please Don’t Die Joey Janela

How bad of a bad boy do you have to be to be the baddest boy in any New Jersey town? For our first Listener Request Month “Shorty” we look at the early years of the hardcore vaporwave vagabond known as the “Bad Boy” Joey Janela in Kenny Johnson’s short documentary “Please Don’t Die Joey Janela”. Joey came up through the other side of personal tragedy to full blown delinquent little shit and if it wasn’t for Pro Wrestling he could be under the ditch. Unfortunately for Joey’s mother, Joey’s style involves smashing flourescent bulbs over his head and getting thrown off of buildings. But Joey knows it can’t be hardcore forever (or at least not all the time). The future of Joey Janela? We might have some insights on that seeing as this shorty came out around 2016. Whip me with some barbed wire and Keep on Doccin’

The documentary.

Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega Unsanctioned Match on AEW Dark (starting at 38:21).

Best of Joey Janela.

Vaporwave classic.

Vaporwave of the week.