Shorties 50: Spyball

Time to go undercover. We’re going to infiltrate and MURDER other podcasts! No no no. We’re not gonna murder anybody. But you’re innocent when you dream they say. There are many big names in the annals of baseball history, but one player in particular was very unique. Mo Berg was a solid baseball catcher and had a knack for just about anything. Then the government came calling. Drew and Bob put on trench coats and walk the streets of Zurich to acquire sensitive information regarding the short documentary “Spyball” by Christina Burchard and Daniel Newman. It tells like a big time pulp spy buster, except it’s real! Right? Also how does an hardened, yet aristocratic, baseball player/spy finally meet their end? Probably untreated syphilis, but I don’t think that goes down here. Some secrets Mo Berg took to his grave.

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Episode 118: Jawline

Teenage dreams have long left the sock hops and drag strips and now all the cruising is done on smartphone apps. Turns out that live streaming yourself saying the most basic motivational advice (and natural good looks) can lead to a lucrative career….in theory. Akil and Bob, two dudes circling the drain of 40, sit down to discuss an aspect of youth culture and social technology that they could not be more mentally removed from. A modern teenage dream of a boy from East Tennessee and the vapid world surrounding it in Liza Mandelup’s Hulu original documentary “Jawline”. One might expect a hate train on our part, but this documentary actually lent itself to some real social analysis. We do tease a little bit. Swinging up on people with tens of thousands of more social media presence than this show has. Bob can’t help it. Hashtagging everyday makes him want to throw himself off the Woodland Street Bridge (Nashville reference for you Nash-heads out there). Teenagers. God bless em, but they always suck. Even the good ones still suck. Every generation of teenager inherently sucks. Ourselves as teenagers especially sucked. Congrats to any teenager who survive those years of shallow emotional turmoil. Believe in your dreams or whatever and Keep on Doccin’.

The Trailer.

Liza Madelup Vox Interview.

Michael Weist’s new, Nashville based, teen boy influencer company as discussed in the show.

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Shorties 49: Holy Grail – The T206 Honus Wagner

Drew and Bob’s vaguely sports themed Shorties continue on with something that barely compensates for people’s failed professional sports dreams…collecting baseball cards. Back in the day they stuck those things inside of packs of cigarettes. Back in the day they would sell cigarettes to a fetus. One of these over 100 years old cards was discontinued at the request of the player which resulted in the T206 Honus Wagner card becoming the rarest of the rare. This one going around is looking pristine, but it might be too good to be true. Wayne Gretzky co-owns it. Drew and Bob discuss “”Holy Grail – The T206 Honus Wagner” by the Barnicle Brothers. You read that right…”The Barnicle Brothers”. Keith Olberman is in this thing so much that I assume one of these directors has got to be his coke dealer. Learn about the story of a card worth way more than your house.

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Episode 117: Tell Me Who I Am

Y’all ready to cry? For Felicia’s first full length documentary episode, Bob ambushed her with some deep deep sadness. Twin brothers. One has an accident that removes any and all memory except for that of his twin brother. All memory gone. Emotional attachments gone. His name, his parents, his friends, his life is all a blank. His brother helps him fill the gaps, but when something strange is found, he finds that not all of his past has been told. We watched “Tell Me Who I Am” by Ed Perkins and it can be found on Netflix. Seriously, there is fucked up subject matter in this documentary. This documentary is why people drink. If you could replace trauma with an idyllic childhood, would you do so? The only instance of head trauma and missing memory being somewhat of a blessing. Sorry this can’t be funnier. There’s moments. We’re gonna cry ourselves to sleep now.


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Did she do it!?

Maybe studying this closely will help us understand. 

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Shorties 48: Judging Jewell

The first Shorty in January. Drew (The Doofus) Drewfus and Bob tackle ESPN short documentaries that coincided with 30 for 30s. Honestly they are all barely about sports. Yes, Drew’s last name is really “Drewfus”. To kick off January Fridays we tell the sad story of a guy who has a feature film about him come out recently. Why not, conveniently, tackle the much more concise short documentary version of the same story. Drew and Bob talk about “Judging Jewell” by Adam Hootnick. It’s all about this guy named Richard Jewell who saved several people when he found a bomb in a tower during the Atlanta Olympic Games. As quickly as Jewell became a hero, he soon became the medias major suspect in the bombing. Despite having nothing to do with it. That feature film trailer makes it look like some “good people” versus bad bad media, but in the 90s everybody and their mother dumped on his dude. The media and the FBI did play a detrimental role. If only Richard Jewell lived long enough to have a Twitter account.

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Episode 116: 30 for 30: Birth of Big Air

ARE YOU STOKED? RADICAL? COWABUNGA? Don’t have a cow, man? Where’s the best place to pop sick ass tricks, bruh? OKLAHOMA! We open up 2020 with Drew and Bob going down on another 30 for 30 sports themed documentary. When it comes to BMX sports, one name will likely come up. Mat Hoffman was so driven that it resulted in as many broken bones as it did accolades. We discuss the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Birth of Big Air” by Jeff Tremaine and Dickhouse productions. A brutal montage of wipeouts and impressive stunts that even impresses Evel Knievel. This flick was released on ESPN a year or two after Evel passed away. Hold on to your spleens and get gaped out by some of the sickest moves in any 30 for 30. By the way, my name is Tylear L. Shipley. The “L” stand for “Lazer”. I’m the new episode description writer for the Documenteers. I’m totally stoked for this new job. It doesn’t pay much, but if I can score a case of brewskis, a phat sack and some blunt wraps then i’m aaaaalllll gooooood. I’m still saving up for a full sleeve tattoo dedicated to the band “Sublime”. Louie Dog is my spirit animal, straight up. I don’t lie, I just get high. Knowhatimsayinbruh? Now I gotta write a phrase. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer, bruh.

Mat inducted into the Oklahoma Sorts Hall of Fame.

Jeff Tremaine’s production company.

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

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Shorties 47: The Christmas Light Killer

Our final piece of content this year, and Angela picked up some nice dry humor to close us out. We gave her shit, but all these December short documentaries are pretty damn good. This last Shorty of 2019 has us shutting off the lights with no small amount of disgruntled bitterness. Well earned in Bob’s opinion. The best thing about the holidays is when they’re winding down. This guy whose job it is to shut down the lights of a Christmas drive-thru light show might hate this shit, but at least he’s got a sense of humor. The best part of his job? Shutting down Christmas everyday. The worst part of his job? Probably you and your family. Angela and Bob discuss “The Christmas Light Killer” by James P. Gannon. The perfect way to end 2019. We will see you again in 2020. Thanks for listening. Happy New Year and Keep on Doccin’

The Christmas Light Killer

Maybe one of these areas?

For real

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Episode 115: Jingle Bell Rocks!

Ho Ho Ho, who wouldn’t Doccalo? It’s a good question. For this week’s Christmas episode Angela and Bob go crate diving with a guy named Mitch for a type of genre that would be completely understandable, and often preferable, if you just ignored completely. But not Mitch. He likes Christmas music. Strange Christmas music has a hold of his heart and he can’t get enough. His love runs so deep that he openly weeps in front of a full Calypso band. Angela and Bob unwrap Mitchell Kezin’s “Jingle Bell Rocks!” and you can find it over on Prime Video. Christmas music almost universally sucks, but let’s check out some of the more interesting selections discussed in this documentary. It’s Bob, Angela, a very emotional director, Wayne Coyne, Reverend RUN, John Waters, The band Low, The Mighty Sparrow, and the melancholy spirit of the holiday season. Packaged into a Documenteers format and presented to you in its final 2019 form. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. See you next year. Keep on Doccin’

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Shorties 46: Mr. Christmas

Ok, so this next Angela short doc selection isn’t as sad as last week, but let’s be honest…there is a real undercurrent of loneliness that drives this whole scenario. His name? “Mr. Christmas”. He goes all out on the Christmas lights. Spends three months setting them up, three months taking them down and his house will definitely catch on fire one day. His cat Trixie has mad tricks though, and let’s face it…Mr. Christmas is a player in these streets. Vintage pussy hound. His neighbor? A kite flying cuck, probably. “Mr. Christmas” by Nick Palmer and produced by National Geographic for some reason. I gotta get one of those postcards.

Mr. Christmas.

Oh shit, he died.

Damn, dude was doing this into his 80s.

Ho-Ho-Holiday fetishes.

Episode 114: Hanukkah – A Festival of deLights

Shalom, Doccalo! Hanukkah starts later this week and we celebrate with an educational documentary and a brand new Documenteer to provide some perspective on the Jewish festival of lights. Sharon joins Bob to discuss the David Anton produced and directed special that dropped on PBS last year called “Hanukkah – A Festival of deLights”. This one is a little challenging to find, perhaps PBS will roll this out again closer to Hanukkah. Sharon and Bob break down this explanation of the classic Jewish holiday and we were surprised at what we learned about it. Who would have thought that Cincinnati would have so much to do with the modern context of Hanukkah celebration? An easy, breezy, relatively un-explicit episode to cleanse our palate before the holiday rush. Roll up eight crazy hog’s legs and relax beneath the menorah lights. Lather your body in sour cream. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

Man…she’s hot. Especially when she starts soloing.

A Hanukkah classic.

This will stick in your brain.

Here’s a Hanukkah bush for you.