Episode 96: 30 for 30: Straight Outta L.A.

STRAIGHT OUTTA PODCAST! Welcome to the Documenteers podcast and we are up in your face with our most musical 30 for 30, yet. During the Raiders NFL team’s 13 year run in Los Angeles, a burgeoning new rap style was becoming representative of crookedness and corruption of the city. It doesn’t hurt that Raiders gear is black and happens to go with everything. Bob and Drew hit up Ice Cube’s contribution to the ESPN 30 for 30 series with “Straight Outta L.A.”. It’s a cavalcade of 80s California Football and Gangsta Rap alumni. Bob and Drew desperately wanted to look mad fresh in the Starter Jacket era. Imagine Bob in a bright orange University of Tennessee Starter Jacket pullover. Imagine Drew wearing an Orlando Magic Shaq jersey with no shirt on underneath. It was hard in those streets. I mean literally. Streets are made of a very hard material. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer.

Here’s David Bowie grilling early MTV.

A classic video.

Here’s Drew’s sports talk radio show.

Learn something.

Episode 95: The Image Revolution

Yo Doccalo! Call Bob a Giving Tree because he continues to give back to the little people. Akil got to pick, especially after that episode of Bill Murray docs we did, and he picked some hot nerd shit. A story of our childhood. Back to an era that might have been the first time that a pack of comic dorks were considered cool. Now nerd bullshit is everywhere, but this nerd bullshit was EDGY, bro! An era completely inaccessible to women. For good reason. It’s the story of a comic book company that isn’t the first two comic book companies you think of. Akil and Bob watched Patrick Meaney’s “The Image Revolution”. Seven comic artists that made Marvel a lot of money decided to bail and start a company that consisted of a collection of seven independent publishing companies. Mostly bad comics, Drama, Mistakes, and an evolution into some of the best comics on the shelves today. Bob and Akil actually know waaaaay too much about this. I think this can be found on Prime or Tubi. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer. Not a woman in sight. 

Here’s that Rob Liefeld commercial with Spike Lee.

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Shorties 30: George Dillman: Phony Karate Master

HAI-CHA, Doccalo! Are you ready to feel the force of NOTHING?! Eldridge and Bob end their “Shorties” cringe-trip with a visit to a fellow by the name of George Dillman. George has a 9th degree black belt in Karate braggery. George can use “Chi” like a weapon. He claims he can put you on your back without touching you. He can move Starbucks lines with Chi. He can grope just about anybody with a hot hand full of Chi. National Geographic’s 125 pound skeptic has been sent in to test if his head can be exploded with Chi. Yeah, this is a clip of a National Geographic show. We will do an actual short documentary next week, ok? STOP SCREAMING AT US! Bob and Eldridge will now lay out the ugly truth. Is Chi punching real? Chi deez nuts if it’s so real. Keep on saying things you shouldn’t say on camera. Chi wisely.

Here’s ol’ George “Chi Grope” Dillman.

Here’s that thing we talked about in the episode.

Here’s that “Babes in Toyland” style we were talking about.

Oh Shit…Courtney Love WAS briefly a member of Babes in Toyland.

Episode 94: I Like Killing Flies

Step into our kitchen, Doccalo. It’s time for another hot ‘n’ ready episode of the Documenteers! This month, Bob continues to concede to the wishes of his co-hosts by hitting up a documentary that Stuart has been wanting to do for a long time. We watched this documentary way back during the early days of Netflix. Back when Netflix streaming was mostly documentaries and we actually got discs in the mail like a goddamn cavemen. Stuart and Bob pull up a seat at the original Shopsins restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC where the guy who runs it is unlike any other. We discuss the 2004 film “I Like Killing Flies” by Matt Mahurin. Kenny and Eve Shopsin have since passed on since Matt Mahurin captured the closing of the original Shopsins less than a year after 9/11. We reminisce on our own times in kitchens and eclectic eateries growing up in and around the Nashville area and even reminisce of time spent at another iteration of Shopsins. A kitchen can be a very personable place and this episode serves as an homage to Shopsins, and great kitchens everywhere that aren’t trying to do some trend sucking bullshit that will be irrelevant in three years. In the words of Kenny, “Go Fuck Yourself”. We mean that in the nicest way possible. Keep on Doccin’.

You can watch the whole thing here.


Shorties 29: Laphroaig 10, the Go To Islay Malt (The Abyss)

Hi, Doccalo. The cringe show with Eldridge continues and the depths we go into here might be a place that none of us can come back from. There is a man, who provides whiskey and scotch review content on YouTube. This particular one does not seem to have good timing or a proper awareness outside of a bottle of Laphroaig. Foodquig refuses to let a collapsing relationship get in the way of his YouTube admirers. Bob calls it “The Abyss”, but it’s actually called “Laphroaig 10, the Go To Islay Malt”. But is is about Islay malt, or is this a twisted dark reflection of our souls refracted into infinity? A black hole of human connection. A warning sign. Also…is he good at describing whiskey? Let’s dunk our whole selves into this one. Keep on Doccin’.

Introducing Foodquig (The Abyss).

Here’s the trailer for “Vanishing Point”.

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Best Cheap Date: Belcourt
Best Country Music Artist: Lil Nas X
Best Drag Performer: Brooke Lynn Heights
Best LGBTQ bar: Canvas
Best Movie Theater: Belcourt
Best Trivia Night: Tribe
Best Singer/Songwriter: Jonni Greth

Best Deli: Mitchell’s
Best Hot Chicken: Prince’s
Best Meat & Three: Wendell Smith’s
Best Mexican: El Jaliciense
Best Wings: Ghot Wingz
Best Pizza: Joey’s House of Pies
Best Dive Bar: Betty’s

Best DJ: DJ Drew Wilson
Best Radio Station: WXNA

Best College Sports Team: TSU
Best Day Trip: Mammoth Cave
Best Predators Player: Roman Josi

Best Book Store: McKay’s
Best Boutique Hotel: My Butthole
Best Hospital: Vanderbilt
Best Place to Buy/Sell Music: McKay’s
Best Place to Buy Vinyl: Grimey’s

Best Dog Groomer: Angela

Episode 93: The Punk Syndrome

Dig it, Doccalo. This month, Bob ceases his selfishness and gives back to the co-host by discussing films of their choice. Jonni is happy to finally get Bob’s docs off with this documentary from Finland about a very special punk band. Maybe the closest you might get to a true punk band. Jonni and Bob watch and discuss the 2012 documentary “The Punk Syndrome” by Jukka Kärkkäinen and J-P Passi. The thing about this Finnish punk band? All the members have autism or Down syndrome and they got issues and angst to get out. A movie that takes place in Finland and not one person chugs reindeer blood. You can watch this with the Tubi app. It’s like early Netflix if early Netflix had commercials. Uncensored. You see penis in this one. It’s pretty big. Cut your toenails. It’s important. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the Punk Syndrome trailer.

Here’s Jonni’s WXNA radio show “The Unlistenable Hour”.

Learn something.

Shorties 28: Kim Cattrall Drops Hot Scat Over Smooth Jazz Licks

I don’t mean to “SHORT” you, but it’s time for another “SHORTIES” episode LOLOLOLOL. Eldridge joins Bob to discuss more weird short videos that probably don’t qualify as short documentaries by many snobby crybabies. Kim Cattrall was a fan favorite on “Sex and the City”. As if she wasn’t already burrowed into your heart, we found a short video of Kim doing a classic jazz vocal style. That’s right…Kim Cattrall likes to SCAT with her former “Frasier Jazz” musician husband. The internet calls it “Kim Cattrall Scatting” but we prefer its more proper title, “Kim Cattrall Drops Hot Scat Over Smooth Jazz Licks”. Eldridge’s youth crush gets shook in this cringe inducing episode. Is it appropriate to scat on a first date? Has scat EVER been good? Let’s throw Kim Cattrall’s scat around and you can judge for yourself. Keep on Doccin’.

Here it is. All its glory.

This one is for Seattle. Some fine Crackerjazz®.


Learn something.

Episode 92: When Louis Met…Jimmy

Howdy, Doccalo. That’s a phrase people don’t say in England. Welcome to the Documenteers 5th week! We drop every Monday night and July has five Mondays. And so you have…5th week. Eldridge comes back to sit with Bob and NOT discuss a documentary about race but the underlying theme is very dark and disturbing. Our American selves mostly learned of Jimmy Savile’s super predator activity AFTER he died. Our friends across the pond (maybe that’s you?) grew up with this creepazoid on their televisions. In the year 2000, Louis Theroux did an episode of his BBC documentary show with Jimmy Savile. We’re talking about “When Louis Met…Jimmy” by Will Yapp and Louis Theroux and you can watch this for nothing on Will Yapp’s Vimeo (link below). Rumors had already been going for decades. After he died, the dam broke. A 20 year old film watched through the filter of present day knowledge. It’s hard not to see everything as an acknowledgment of terrible shit. You better believe we will be bringing it this upcoming Creeptober October. Consider this an appetizer. Don’t molest people! Please! Keep on not doing that!

Here’s the doc.

John Lydon warned us and the BBC buried it at the time.

A twisted moment on top of the pops.

Gross Audio.

Creepy Tapes of Jimmy.

Shorties 27: Wrestling Fan Breaks Down and Cries

(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

Thank you Doccalo, for all that you’ve done to your bodies. Get ready to hear that a lot. Angela and Bob close out the month of wrestling themed “Shorties” with something that isn’t a promo. It qualifies, based upon the Documenteers book of rules and regulations, as an official short documentary. David Wills loves wrestling. He really fucking loves wrestling. That’s why he went to this sparsely populated gymnasium to see guys like Terry Funk, Jim Crockett, and a couple other guys we don’t recognize discuss some real serious issues regarding professional wrestling. David Wills grabs the microphone and gives a sincere and worthy emotional display that is both funny and endearing. We think Terry Funk might have been a little embarrassed, but Dave’s heart is just too damn big to contain. Now Bob is going around thanking people for what they’ve done to their bodies, and it appears to be putting a strain on his marriage. Soon, Herman the show note writer will take over this podcast and send it to the stratosphere. It’s still real to me, dammit! Keep on Doccin’.

Just sayin’ what needed to be said.