So, doccalo. We’ve come. The true start of our farewell that happens to be also our final full documentary episode discussion and it involves two men (Bob and Akil) wandering near the edges of middle age discussing a gigantic pop star that neither of them know anything about. We’re chatting about the Netflix original documentary series “Miss Americana” and it is all about the singer Taylor Swift. What is it about the safety of Swift’s music that draws people in? Does her fame yield the typical shallow personality of a celebrity or is she in on the joke? Will Bob and Akil becomes fans? Sit back and hear us out for a “rock” doc with surprisingly little music in it. Swift Heads come at us. If you little shit-heads want some then email us at if you coward shit-heads have the guts. If you want to talk shit to our faces then come down to where Akil lives at 513 King Richards Ct. Franklin, TN 37067 if you have any speck of backbone and say it to him directly. I bet you won’t because you’re scared. Pussy.

The trailer.

Remember this?

What about this?

Or This?

OK, that’s enough reminiscing.

Seriously. That’s enough.




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