Barbie, from mall ditz to thicc queen, the doll has been a cultural sensation since the moment it hit the shelves. As you can imagine, a cavalcade of variating voices criticizing and praising a piece of plastic go down in Angela and Bob’s discussion of Andrea Nevin’s Hulu documentary “Tiny Shoulders, Rethinking Barbie”. The history of Barbie and it’s road towards a body size that makes sense has been an awkward road with sexism and feminism playing out at the same time throughout the decades. Our conversation is all over the place and only the tip of the iceberg when discussing a lot of social ramifications regarding the most iconic doll ever. Maybe someday Barbie can represent people with functioning genitalia. The genital struggle is real. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

Oh snap.

That dude at the end… 

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