In these times of uncertainty, all of us can collectively agree that the last thing we need are celebrities singing overused songs into their smart phones. Gal Gadot may mean well, but what her and her friends left us with has got to be the most uninspiring bit of privileged back-patting ever. Every celebrity in this video, even the ones we like, are on notice. It’s fortunate we got Comrade Britney Spears and Comrade Cardi B to get us through this with solidarity and clarity. Watch and learn, Gadot. Angela and Bob apologize for having anyone sit through, yet again the “Celebrities Imagine” song video. It seems like many agree on this but our take is the last true final word on this. It’s worth it. Keep on Doccin’

Cringe here.

The Trumpet playing thing Gadot aped.


Solidarity forever.

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