Step up and be humble you fuckhead Jabronis! Bow before one of the greatest heel wrestlers of all time! Akil’s choice for this episode and we swear it is a coincidence that Akil picked a pro wrestling documentary for the third week in a row of pro wrestling documentaries. We’re rappin’ about “The Sheik” by Igal Hecht. It’s about the Iron Sheik, not the original Sheik wrestler, and Bob won’t let that go. The Iron Sheik has grown from the ultimate Iranian money heel to cultural social media darling and all the crack smoke in between. Also featuring the greatest talking head in any documentary, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. You can find this on Prime. I fuck you and you be humble. Just kidding. Keep on Doccin’.

The trailer.

Pastamania brother!

The Sheik puts him over.

Listen up, Kramer.

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