It’s love in the time of corona and nobody loves quite like Ric Flair. Drew and Bob record over the wonder that is the internet in their first socially distant episode of the Documenteers and we cherry picked a fun 30 for 30 just for you. Richard Flehir may not be so known out in the world, but Ric Flair became one of the most notorious pro wrestlers in the world. Ric Flair’s lifestyles was so fast paced and intoxicating that Richard Flehir seemed to not exist much to the detriment of family. The life story of the Nature Boy could probably run for 5 hours, but fortunately Rory Karpf managed it at about 90 minutes. We’re talking about the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Nature Boy” and goddamn do we want one of those robes. Bob does anyway. Drew wants one of those floppy Dusty Rhodes hats and the tiniest little trunks you ever did see. He like it when you watch.

The trailer.

Good promo.

Gooder promo.

Charlotte enters.

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