So it was, the end of Listener Request Month and all this listening has worn us out. Oddly enough our most requested 30 for 30 happened to be the next one in our order. How kismet. Kind of surprised that this one got so much compared to others, but who are we but submissive to your demands. You hold the whip, listener, and we need to be told one last time because Drew and Bob break down the listener requested 30 for 30 documentary “Jordan Rides the Bus” by Ron Shelton. What is the greatest basketball player to do after winning a third championship in a row. Why not retire ten days before the season starts and go try to play major league baseball? There might be more to it than that…allegedly. An odd time for any sports fan who lived through it. Sport Dork Drew and Regular Dork Bob tell the story of Michael Jordan’s sudden career change. And truly, where exactly was Richard Jewel in the summer of 1993? SRSLY

The trailer 

Jordan baseball sizzle

Whoa, Nelly

Whoa, Nelly!

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