Phew. After some of the depraved shit y’all have demanded for Listener Request Month, this requested Shorty is a welcome respite. No incest. No sociopathy that we know of. The opposite of that. It’s about compassion for the earth and environment and what one man in India can do to change an ecosystem for the better. Jadov Payeng has planted a forest on barren land in northeast India one seed at a time ever since 1979. What he has created has earned him praise all over the country, but will the politicians listen to his advice on combating erosion and climate change? I bet you can guess that last part. Ginger and Bob are discussing the short documentary “Forest Man” by William Douglas McMaster and narrated by Jitu Kalita. Roll up some trees, Doccalo. Hell Yeah. Sheeeyit.

Forest Man.

A flawless education. No need to vet.

One of the few, non-cancelled, TED Talks.

Shake it to this.

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