Grab your snakes! Put them motherfuggers in yer pocket! Ginger and Bob took YOUR Listener Request Month request this week and what a documentary this is! Director Steve James went to go visit a former ward from the “Big Brother” 10 years later. The boy had troubles and a tragic life, and now the man is grown, wild, and dangerous. How does Steve James deal with the compulsive idiocy of a man who may have contributed to vicious cycles of abuse? You can find this requested documentary, “Stevie” by Steve James, on Tubi or Prime. There’s enough Mountain Dew in this flick to drown a small town in southern Illinois. Also…depravity. Memorable sayings. More depravity. Dancing. Peoples Changes they say. Don’t get crazy on that weed and whiskey. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

You can watch it all right here.

No surprise that one of the dumbest websites involves people answering each other’s questions.

Dance for me one more time.

Please dance for me again. I swear this is the last time.

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