Are you an Atheist? If so, get ready to shit your pants with indisputable proof of the non-existence of evolution. The weapon: A BANANA, BITCH! WHAT NOW!?!? Bob and Jonni testify the love on this Listener Requested Shorty/Viral Classic. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, using only a banana, make the case of creationism with the convenient shape of the banana being so perfect with the ape-like hands of human beings. It’s called “Behold the Atheist’s Nightmare” by Evangelist Ray Comfort. Maybe we shoulda saved this for Creeptober because this functions as horror for atheists. You know what to do with that banana. You know what mouth shape you got to make. Go to town and Keep on Doccin’

Behold the Shorty.


Testify his Wiki.

Ray Comfort’s favorite song to perform banana fellatio to.

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