We continue on with Listener Request Month and boy do y’all like some bleak shit. Bob and Jonni are subs to our listener’s dom with a sad story of brothers. One is dead. Another accused of killing him. They may be sad sack simpletons, but they are the sad sack simpletons of a rural dairy county in upstate New York. The locals don’t take kindly to some fancy-pants prosecutor from Albany throwing his dick around. Don’t you worry about them Ward boys and don’t you ask any questions about dried come on their pants either! Jonni and Bob discuss the 1992 documentary “Brother’s Keeper” by Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky. I mean who knows whose cum it was. Could have been turkey cum for all we know. MAYBE IT WAS POLICE CUM! FUCKING PIGS!


Oh, look. The whole damn thing.

Who woulda thought he would be the last one standing.

Soooo much truth.

City folk propaganda.

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