It’s Listener Request Month and this pick is designed to burrow into Bob’s heart forever. William (who co-hosted “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” last Monday) steps up again to help Bob out with a Shorty chock full of righteous anger. One fateful afternoon in lower Manhattan, New York City a tiny, oddly-shaped, Paul Simonesque individual decided he couldn’t take this man’s street trumpeting any more. He goes off, and fortunately for us, a diligent New Yorker caught it all on his/her/zer smartphone.
We call this one “Angry Man Berates Trumpet Player” and the self-righteousness is perfectly balanced with the genuine passion. Bob and William will tell you all about it. Don’t be a miserable piece of shit. Go home and practice. You’re flat. You Pip!

The legend.

Chapo and the Safdi Brothers provide more info on the angry man

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