How bad of a bad boy do you have to be to be the baddest boy in any New Jersey town? For our first Listener Request Month “Shorty” we look at the early years of the hardcore vaporwave vagabond known as the “Bad Boy” Joey Janela in Kenny Johnson’s short documentary “Please Don’t Die Joey Janela”. Joey came up through the other side of personal tragedy to full blown delinquent little shit and if it wasn’t for Pro Wrestling he could be under the ditch. Unfortunately for Joey’s mother, Joey’s style involves smashing flourescent bulbs over his head and getting thrown off of buildings. But Joey knows it can’t be hardcore forever (or at least not all the time). The future of Joey Janela? We might have some insights on that seeing as this shorty came out around 2016. Whip me with some barbed wire and Keep on Doccin’

The documentary.

Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega Unsanctioned Match on AEW Dark (starting at 38:21).

Best of Joey Janela.

Vaporwave classic.

Vaporwave of the week.

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