Welcome to Listener Request Month and welcome to our first docuseries mindfuck courtesy of your demands. Eric’s been obsessed all his life after a government stooge told his family that his father died from “falling or jumping” out of a hotel window. Finally, because you demanded it, Angela and Bob discuss the Errol Morris Netflix docuseries “Wormwood” and boy are these waters bitter. When the onion peels and we get all the evidence is it LSD induced brainwashing that did it? Why would anyone want Frank Olsen dead? Who in their right minds believes he WASN’T killed by the government? But why? As if Bob isn’t inherently paranoid already, doesn’t Angela deal with enough in this marriage? Wormwood. It was the guberment, maaaaaaaannnnn!!!!

The trailer.

Whoa, Nelly.

Whoa, Nelly.


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