What’s old is new again. Same old shit, different day as they say. Our knee-jerk sense of exceptionalism might just lead into another “Night of the long knives”. HISTORY, BRAH! LOOK IT UP! Eldridge and Bob lay their month of Shorties to rest with a documentation of an American event that occurred in Madison Square Garden in 1939 and it had nothing to do with the Rangers or the Knicks. It was a Nazi rally and a disturbing amount of the American people were all about it. Hard not to draw some parallels here. We’re talking about “A Night at the Garden” by Marshall Curry. If James Dolan were around then, you know JD & the Straight Shot would play at this rally. All lighting aside, this is educationally awkward and our only evolution might just be that they mostly figured out not to say the “N” word out loud. Special appearance by Jerkin’ Joe Biden and The Champs.

The short doc we’re discussing.

Probably 6 out of 6 Baby Herzogs.

Song of the week.

This one is fun too.

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