Can you dig it? I SAID CAN YOU DIG IT!? That shit from that “Warriors” movie? Real! At least stylistically. Stuart steps in with Bob to discuss more 1970s New York at a time when white flight, and some city construction, segregated the Bronx from the rest of the city. From the rubble (literally there’s a lot of rubble) rose gangs, some more outrageous than others. All looking cool as fuck except for that swastika shit. We’re talking about the Shan Nicholson documentary “Rubble Kings” and yeah…we can dig it. The struggles of poverty that produced extremes of violence and a path to cornerstone genres of music. Maybe South Bronx gang style jackets are a good merch idea for the show? Maybe some official Documenteers guns, yeah? We should do gun ads.

The trailer, jack.





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