Week two of February shorties and Eldridge and Bob thought maybe it’s time to get really really fucking sad. Unfortunately, Chris Farley is nowhere to be found in this one. A 10 year old Nigerian boy is stabbed in London and a scared Nigerian family move to Essex to escape the hub-bub of big city drama. Of course we’re talking England outside of London so what is this Nigerian teenager seeing? Whiteys. Whiteys and their janky faces. Cornelius can only take two much of the racism until he decides to join up with those who hate him for the color of his skin. Eldridge and Bob discuss the Ed Perkins documentary short he made for the Guardian called “Black Sheep”. (Hence the Chris Farley reference.) Layers and layers of sad. Even the Pillsbury Dough Boy is crying. Cry laughing actually. That thing is fucking scary now that I think about it. But not scarier than racism.

The short.

What started this.

Song of the week.

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