Just what the world needs. Two dudes discussing periods. Punctuation and Menstruation. We’re not sure where the usual women co-hosts are. My guess, as a man, is that they’re on their period? (Waits for laughter. Receives none.) Eldridge and Bob unite like a lame Voltron to discuss all Shorties for the month of February and to start us off we go to a small village in India where mentioning of that time of the month results in giggling and pretending you’re talking about something else other than girly bodily fluids. We tackle the Netflix short documentary “Period. End of Sentence” by Rayka Zehtabchi. You can’t just walk into small-town shops in India and find pads and tampon, so who do you call? The Pad Patrol and their Uncles think they’re making diapers or something. Men…they say the darnedest things. Ruby and Jackie be trippin’

A trailer for a short doc (find it on Netflix).

Never knew.

Song of the week.

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