Get raged up and check your….beef? It’s 30 for 30 time so Bob and Drew reexamine another crossroads between sports and music. Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson were fast friends with a lot in common and in Reggie Rock Bythewood’s 30 for 30 film “One Night in Vegas” their bond is posited as parallel lives leading to the death of Tupac on the same night Mike Tyson regained the WBC Heavyweight title. Also, the surprise reveal that Drew is something of a 2Pac connoisseur, whereas Bob was more concentrated on Notorious B.I.G. growing up, means they are forced to fight to the death using only the freestyles that come out of their heart and mind and also a fork. Podcast is mostly an audio medium therefore you can’t see the copious amounts of blood and sperm. What the fuck is going on with these episode descriptions?

The trailer (I think).


Remember this tense shit??

Probably the worst song on a very bad album.

Listen to Drew’s radio shows “Loud Love” and “Walk It Off” here.

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