Gather round the whole family for a kid-friendly (and scatalogical) good time because Lexi (Bob’s 7 year old little cousin) has returned to follow up their legendary “March of the Penguins” episode from last year to discuss another critically acclaimed documentary featuring animals. How you gonna keep em down on the farm? How about making it completely biodiverse and self sustaining without utilizing toxic chemicals or factory farming methods. Will this married couple, and their dog, pull this off in John Chester’s documentary “The Biggest Little Farm” which you can currently find on Hulu? This episode is a bit of a runaway train, but overall a rather inspiring film about farming the right way that is, quite frankly, well beyond the affordability of the average person. Some really nice shots in this flick, though. Also, poop. Discussions of it. Shots of it. Songs about it. Cycles of life, baby. It’s all about the kids. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

You can tour the farm!


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