Time to go undercover. We’re going to infiltrate and MURDER other podcasts! No no no. We’re not gonna murder anybody. But you’re innocent when you dream they say. There are many big names in the annals of baseball history, but one player in particular was very unique. Mo Berg was a solid baseball catcher and had a knack for just about anything. Then the government came calling. Drew and Bob put on trench coats and walk the streets of Zurich to acquire sensitive information regarding the short documentary “Spyball” by Christina Burchard and Daniel Newman. It tells like a big time pulp spy buster, except it’s real! Right? Also how does an hardened, yet aristocratic, baseball player/spy finally meet their end? Probably untreated syphilis, but I don’t think that goes down here. Some secrets Mo Berg took to his grave.

The full short.

Listen to Drew’s radio shows “Walk It Off” and “Loud Love” here.

Song of the Episode.

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