Teenage dreams have long left the sock hops and drag strips and now all the cruising is done on smartphone apps. Turns out that live streaming yourself saying the most basic motivational advice (and natural good looks) can lead to a lucrative career….in theory. Akil and Bob, two dudes circling the drain of 40, sit down to discuss an aspect of youth culture and social technology that they could not be more mentally removed from. A modern teenage dream of a boy from East Tennessee and the vapid world surrounding it in Liza Mandelup’s Hulu original documentary “Jawline”. One might expect a hate train on our part, but this documentary actually lent itself to some real social analysis. We do tease a little bit. Swinging up on people with tens of thousands of more social media presence than this show has. Bob can’t help it. Hashtagging everyday makes him want to throw himself off the Woodland Street Bridge (Nashville reference for you Nash-heads out there). Teenagers. God bless em, but they always suck. Even the good ones still suck. Every generation of teenager inherently sucks. Ourselves as teenagers especially sucked. Congrats to any teenager who survive those years of shallow emotional turmoil. Believe in your dreams or whatever and Keep on Doccin’.

The Trailer.

Liza Madelup Vox Interview.

Michael Weist’s new, Nashville based, teen boy influencer company as discussed in the show.

Who needs college? Just read this.</p

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