Drew and Bob’s vaguely sports themed Shorties continue on with something that barely compensates for people’s failed professional sports dreams…collecting baseball cards. Back in the day they stuck those things inside of packs of cigarettes. Back in the day they would sell cigarettes to a fetus. One of these over 100 years old cards was discontinued at the request of the player which resulted in the T206 Honus Wagner card becoming the rarest of the rare. This one going around is looking pristine, but it might be too good to be true. Wayne Gretzky co-owns it. Drew and Bob discuss “”Holy Grail – The T206 Honus Wagner” by the Barnicle Brothers. You read that right…”The Barnicle Brothers”. Keith Olberman is in this thing so much that I assume one of these directors has got to be his coke dealer. Learn about the story of a card worth way more than your house.

The full short.

Listen to Drew’s radio shows “Walk It Off” and “Loud Love” here.

Song of the episode.

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