Y’all ready to cry? For Felicia’s first full length documentary episode, Bob ambushed her with some deep deep sadness. Twin brothers. One has an accident that removes any and all memory except for that of his twin brother. All memory gone. Emotional attachments gone. His name, his parents, his friends, his life is all a blank. His brother helps him fill the gaps, but when something strange is found, he finds that not all of his past has been told. We watched “Tell Me Who I Am” by Ed Perkins and it can be found on Netflix. Seriously, there is fucked up subject matter in this documentary. This documentary is why people drink. If you could replace trauma with an idyllic childhood, would you do so? The only instance of head trauma and missing memory being somewhat of a blessing. Sorry this can’t be funnier. There’s moments. We’re gonna cry ourselves to sleep now.


The book version.

Did she do it!?

Maybe studying this closely will help us understand. 

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