The first Shorty in January. Drew (The Doofus) Drewfus and Bob tackle ESPN short documentaries that coincided with 30 for 30s. Honestly they are all barely about sports. Yes, Drew’s last name is really “Drewfus”. To kick off January Fridays we tell the sad story of a guy who has a feature film about him come out recently. Why not, conveniently, tackle the much more concise short documentary version of the same story. Drew and Bob talk about “Judging Jewell” by Adam Hootnick. It’s all about this guy named Richard Jewell who saved several people when he found a bomb in a tower during the Atlanta Olympic Games. As quickly as Jewell became a hero, he soon became the medias major suspect in the bombing. Despite having nothing to do with it. That feature film trailer makes it look like some “good people” versus bad bad media, but in the 90s everybody and their mother dumped on his dude. The media and the FBI did play a detrimental role. If only Richard Jewell lived long enough to have a Twitter account.

The full short.

The feature trailer.

Listen to Drew’s radio shows “Walk It Off” and “Loud Love” here.

Song of the episode.

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