ARE YOU STOKED? RADICAL? COWABUNGA? Don’t have a cow, man? Where’s the best place to pop sick ass tricks, bruh? OKLAHOMA! We open up 2020 with Drew and Bob going down on another 30 for 30 sports themed documentary. When it comes to BMX sports, one name will likely come up. Mat Hoffman was so driven that it resulted in as many broken bones as it did accolades. We discuss the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Birth of Big Air” by Jeff Tremaine and Dickhouse productions. A brutal montage of wipeouts and impressive stunts that even impresses Evel Knievel. This flick was released on ESPN a year or two after Evel passed away. Hold on to your spleens and get gaped out by some of the sickest moves in any 30 for 30. By the way, my name is Tylear L. Shipley. The “L” stand for “Lazer”. I’m the new episode description writer for the Documenteers. I’m totally stoked for this new job. It doesn’t pay much, but if I can score a case of brewskis, a phat sack and some blunt wraps then i’m aaaaalllll gooooood. I’m still saving up for a full sleeve tattoo dedicated to the band “Sublime”. Louie Dog is my spirit animal, straight up. I don’t lie, I just get high. Knowhatimsayinbruh? Now I gotta write a phrase. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer, bruh.

Mat inducted into the Oklahoma Sorts Hall of Fame.

Jeff Tremaine’s production company.

Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

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Listen to Drew’s radio shows “Walk It Off” and “Loud Love” here.</p

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