Our final piece of content this year, and Angela picked up some nice dry humor to close us out. We gave her shit, but all these December short documentaries are pretty damn good. This last Shorty of 2019 has us shutting off the lights with no small amount of disgruntled bitterness. Well earned in Bob’s opinion. The best thing about the holidays is when they’re winding down. This guy whose job it is to shut down the lights of a Christmas drive-thru light show might hate this shit, but at least he’s got a sense of humor. The best part of his job? Shutting down Christmas everyday. The worst part of his job? Probably you and your family. Angela and Bob discuss “The Christmas Light Killer” by James P. Gannon. The perfect way to end 2019. We will see you again in 2020. Thanks for listening. Happy New Year and Keep on Doccin’

The Christmas Light Killer

Maybe one of these areas?

For real

How about 5 stars and a nice written review for your favorite documentary themed podcast? 

Happy New Year

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