Ho Ho Ho, who wouldn’t Doccalo? It’s a good question. For this week’s Christmas episode Angela and Bob go crate diving with a guy named Mitch for a type of genre that would be completely understandable, and often preferable, if you just ignored completely. But not Mitch. He likes Christmas music. Strange Christmas music has a hold of his heart and he can’t get enough. His love runs so deep that he openly weeps in front of a full Calypso band. Angela and Bob unwrap Mitchell Kezin’s “Jingle Bell Rocks!” and you can find it over on Prime Video. Christmas music almost universally sucks, but let’s check out some of the more interesting selections discussed in this documentary. It’s Bob, Angela, a very emotional director, Wayne Coyne, Reverend RUN, John Waters, The band Low, The Mighty Sparrow, and the melancholy spirit of the holiday season. Packaged into a Documenteers format and presented to you in its final 2019 form. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. See you next year. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer

Choice cut 1

Choice cut 2

Choice cut 3

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