Shalom, Doccalo! Hanukkah starts later this week and we celebrate with an educational documentary and a brand new Documenteer to provide some perspective on the Jewish festival of lights. Sharon joins Bob to discuss the David Anton produced and directed special that dropped on PBS last year called “Hanukkah – A Festival of deLights”. This one is a little challenging to find, perhaps PBS will roll this out again closer to Hanukkah. Sharon and Bob break down this explanation of the classic Jewish holiday and we were surprised at what we learned about it. Who would have thought that Cincinnati would have so much to do with the modern context of Hanukkah celebration? An easy, breezy, relatively un-explicit episode to cleanse our palate before the holiday rush. Roll up eight crazy hog’s legs and relax beneath the menorah lights. Lather your body in sour cream. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

Man…she’s hot. Especially when she starts soloing.

A Hanukkah classic.

This will stick in your brain.

Here’s a Hanukkah bush for you.

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