Last week, Angela had a shitty attitude and insisted on picking so-called “actual short documentaries” for the rest of the year’s “Shorties”. What does she hit us with? A little piece of joy from Scotland that will make you want to slit your wrists. Vertically, not horizontally. Angela picked “Christmas With Dad” by Conor McCormack because I guess December isn’t depressing enough? Admittedly refreshing in it’s representation of Christmas-time poverty without that bullshit “Hallmark” filter. This stepdad has three kids with this lady. The other five are not his. The oldest is only 8 years younger. The other 4 that aren’t his hopes he doesn’t leave. An endless spiral in any accent or language. Thanks, Angela.

Christmas with Dad

Some help for wannabe documentary filmmakers in Great Britain.

Just learned about this.

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