Hail you, Doccalo! Tis the season….for SATAN! Three weeks out from Christmas, what more perfect topic to cover than the goings on of the modern Satanic Temple. Wherever religion inserts itself onto state and federal ground, they will be there with a wicked statue of the horned god Baphomet. Also there’s nudity, and wine choking, and lots a lots of circular sunglasses. Ginger and Bob discuss the Penny Lane directed documentary “Hail Satan?” And you can find it on Hulu. Seriously though, can we talk about the rampant usage of circular sunglasses amongst the goth crowd? The only worse kind of sunglasses are probably those wraparound shades that you see rednecks wear. Seriously, they seem like good folks doing good things but their sunglasses game is REVERSE FLEEK. Bob can’t wear circular sunglasses. It looks like you put shades on a potato. Anyway….Satan. The adversary. The political movement. The penises. The outrage. Merry Gingmas. Keep on Doccin’


Their website

“Victory for our Lord and Lady”


We forgot to cite it in our intro, but we fade out on this song.

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