Hello, you. The Doccalo. A title bestowed upon anyone who happens to listen to this podcast. Even if you listen to two minutes of it and decide you hate it, you’re still a Doccalo. Forever. Eldridge and Bob unite to discuss a strange documentary about a comedian/magician that came out earlier this year. Layers of paranoia in this one as the director, Ben Berman, starts to feel like he’s being jerked around (and not in a good way) by the terminally ill comedian in the Hulu original documentary called “The Amazing Jonathan Documentary”. Layers of deceit or just paranoia? Maybe both? Fuck we don’t know. If you smoke meth while you watch this documentary, email us and let us know. Make meth cool again and Keep on Doccin’

Here’s the trailer.

Jonathan at Just for Laughs.

Cool title for a comedy show, bro.

Oh, shit! Is that OG fuck boi Harry Anderson?

An education equivalent to what you would learn in these streets.

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