We hope your Thanksgiving went smoothly and undramatically. Let us ruin everything with one of the saddest things we have ever watched. For this special “Black Friday” edition of Shorties we bring back Jonni to revisit the realms of creepy like we did last month and lay this on your face to show you that any holiday can be a creepshow. If you haven’t seen or heard the “We Are Walmart” chant video, then please allow us to wither a portion of your spirit away. Jonni and Bob get saucy as fuck in this Shorties episode.

Personally, I (Herman, the guy who writes the episode descriptions) don’t care for all this socialist claptrap. I think Jeff Besos would be the best president. I love Amazon Prime. These hypocrites watch documentaries on Prime all the time. You should see Bob in the basement watching “Man in the High Castle” all alone. Crying. He thinks he’s being sneaky with his masturbation time down there, but we know. Everybody knows.

Erotica for Billionaires

Erotica for Bob

Erotica for Irony Addicts

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