Happy Thanksgiving, Doccalo! Bob and Jonni hit up the Thanksgiving week documentary this year. Thanksgiving is a holiday they both enjoy and the happiest Bob is until the new year. It’s not a pure Thanksgiving documentary, but it is featured nicely within. An all American documentary about a once gutted factory in Dayton, Ohio that is being filled by a Chinese company called “Fuyao”. It’s giving some hope to the citizens of this economically troubled town. Hope that is dashed very quickly into the reality of mundane wage mediocrity. Turns out North American Labor activism and Chinese “Communism” is not quite the same thing. No matter what corporate news media tells you. Bob and Jonni watched Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert’s Netflix documentary “American Factory”. The Thanksgiving that is featured in this documentary features motorcycles and guns being held giddily by Chinese laborers. A normal Thanksgiving from the context of Bob’s childhood. We hope you have a pleasant Turkey Day. Pass the gravy and Keep on Doccin’

The Trailer.

Guess it’s easier to defend labor rights when you’re not president anymore.

Dayton, Ohio Lo-Fi Native Drunks.

Oh, Shit. Pay up you taskmasters!

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