I love you, Doccalo. I love you so do everything I tell you. 1) subscribe to this podcast 2) recommend this podcast 3) listen to this podcast and 4) LIVE! LIVE FOREVER! Angela and Bob hit up a “True Crime” documentary and revisit the director Erin Lee Carr who you might remember directed “Mommy Dead and Dearest” which we covered waaaaaaaaaaay back early in the bad audio era of the show. A severely depressed young man by the name of Conrad Roy III was found to have taken his own life in his truck outside of a K-Mart. Police later discovered an intense exchange of thousands of text with a girl named Michelle Carter. Suddenly, she is charged with a crime. We’re shooting the shit on the 2-part docuseries “I Love You, Now Die”. Did eyebrows really talk Conrad into taking his own life, or was Conrad just fulfilling a destiny he had long set out for himself? If someone told you to jump off of the Fish Island bridge and you did it, is that person is responsible? Also…what does that lady in the Patriots windbreaker think about it? You can watch this jazz on HBO. You probably have your aunt’s password. Use it. Then get your docs off. Then Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

Taunton. It’s wicked.

Your drunk uncle made this.

Perfectly normal.

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