Let’s go down, Doccalo. Down to Colomba during a time where soccer and notorious drug kingpins excelled in pride and influence. Two different Escobars with a similar background on two different personality paths. Andres Escobar would become a rare talent on the soccer field and a national treasure. Pablo Escobar would become a patron saint of rappers and a national treasure in his own right. Drew and Bob knock down another sports doc with one of the more well regarded flicks in the ESPN film oeuvre. We rap about “The Two Escobars” by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist and it doesn’t pull many punches. A fascinating and dangerous time told through the lives of two notorious Colombians told from the Colombian perspective. We’re still working on getting a Gucci Mane interview. Maybe this movie could have used talking heads of twenty plus rappers tearing up while talking about Pablo Escobar. Also there’s a lot of soccer. Good soccer. Did Andres sit on Pablos knee in a Colombian “Prison”? Such rumors are rude and we won’t support them. Who’s doing the cocaine now? Seriously. We want to know. Keep on GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!

Here’s the trailer.



Reading this is required for entry into the Cartel.

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