BOO DAMMIT BOO! Thanks for sticking it out through Creeptober October and to make it up to you we won’t discuss horse fucking too much this week. We actually get a little more “Halloweeny” because we are hitting up an infamous cryptid from the valleys of western West Virginia. Ginger and Bob hit up Seth Breedlove’s 2017 documentary “The Mothman of Point Pleasant”. Expect a bigger focus on the paranormal in documentary form in the near future. We got no issue with the Mothman. We hope he takes us up in his lonely arms(?) and flies us towards a building full of dangerous chemicals. We can make out when we get there. Maybe put on some jazz…. Roll up a hog’s leg…. Run a warm bath…. and talk all night about the five dicked pig of Paducah.

You can find this on Prime or buy it to support indy directors. Keep on making love to the paranormal.

Here’s the trailer.

Mothman Festival!!!!! 

Here’s the trailer to the very average “Mothman Prophecies” 

Mothman has a wiki page. That’s how you know he’s real.

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