Creep out! We’re going on a creepy crawl, but quite frankly, we don’t think this creature is creepy at all! In fact we are impressed with it’s confidence and “take charge” attitude. You can tell by the way they walk that you probably can’t even handle the (what the kids call) “fierceness” that this modern day cryptid brings to these California streets. Jonni and Bob happily discuss the hottest cryptid of the 21st Century. The one and only “Fresno Nightcrawler”. The Fresno Nightcrawler is the feminist icon this world doesn’t deserve. Let Bob and Jonni convince you of this magic and why it deserves your creepy love. Creepy in the best way! There are many versions of this CCTV clip, we particularly like the Vanessa Carlton version. We actually couldn’t find the link that we also included in the discussion, but any CCTV Fresno Nightcrawler footage would do. I’d walk a thousand miles just to be with Fresno Nightcrawler tonight.

Fresno Nightcrawler, Vanessa Carlton edition.

Oh shit, this one has Tiny Tim on it.


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