Hey there, Doccalo. Bob hinted that he might go hard for Creeptober, but we didn’t think he meant “horse erection” hard. Akil and Bob watched the 2007 documentary “Zoo” by Robinson Devor, and Akil was very close to throwing all the recording equipment into the nearest body of water. “Zoo” is about a guy (Mr. Hands. He picked that nickname himself) who got fucked by a horse and died, and the horsefucker fallout that came after. So yeah…this episode is probably not for decent human beings who want their ears to remain unsullied by bestiality breakdowns. Akil, who usually is so good at eating the documentary version of shit, was truly tested with this one. But what Akil didn’t like and what more he wanted from this documentary may surprise you. Not that you should hit play and find out or anything. Listening to this episode might make you a worse person. You can find this on YouTube, which should inform you that nothing graphic is shown in the film. The descriptions the hosts make in the show are probably worse, really. But again…DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! YOU WILL ONLY ENCOURAGE THEM! JUST GO LISTEN TO THE “MARCH OF THE PENGUINS” EPISODE OR SOMETHING! That story about the mini horse was pretty fucking wild though. That account really sticks to the ribs. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Here’s the entire film….you sick fuck. 

I swear that this link WILL NOT take you to the MR. HANDS video.

This link will also NOT take you to the MR. HANDS video.

Free college for nasty fucks.

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