It’s time to Creeptober (puts on wraparound sunglasses) SHORTIES EDITION! Jonni steps up for his very first batch of “Shorties” to get his face creeped off. This week we meet a very interesting YouTuber by the name of DJ Deaf Joey and Joey is deaf in case you didn’t pick up on that by his moniker. This video is all visual and oh what a visual it is! It’s called “My Dead Great Grandmother’s Coffin in My Own Backyard” and DJ Deaf Joey has exactly what that title says in his backyard. She passed away in 1945. What would you do if you had a relative in your backyard that has been dead for over 70 years? Open the coffin, of course! DJ Deaf Joey was born 8 years after his great grandmother died, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. In fact…he can prove that he loves her AND DOES! This one might be heavy for some people, but it is impressive how DJ Deaf Joey honestly presents the situation…and then that weird thing happened. CREEPTOBER BAY BAY!

Here it is. I love his hair.

A classicK.

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