Creeptober rolls (a big ass hogs leg) onward as Bob and Angela take a look behind one of many aspects of political power and corruption. This one might be more insidious than most as it prides secrecy over accountability and cloaks itself in religious “humility”. Enlightening to some degree, but not exactly shocking. We take inventory of the organization within this Netflix documentary series called “The Family” by Jesse Moss. Jesus evoking politicians who condemn actions of any outside of their circles, but give a free pass to any who bow and scrape within. Jesus loves the sheep but who’s gonna love the wolf? I think maybe the answer should be “Jesus loves the wolf, but condemns the actions”, but we all know Washington is where hopes and dreams go to die and misspend our tax dollars on mass murder half a world away. Meanwhile, bridges are crumbling. But I guess God made bridges crumble for a reason. If God wanted to fix bridges he’d fix them. I think I get it now. I’m on The Family’s side. Praise Mammon…uh…I mean…God. The Family’s personal Bible leaves out the verses where Jesus gets pissed at the money changers. Keep on Flippin’ Tables, Jesus. Please please please flip these tables, Jesus.

“The Family” Trailer.

Hey, they got a wiki page! Guess they fucked up being “secret”. Hell, this podcast is more secret than they are.

Don’t bother wasting money on a Theology degree. Just read this, bruh.

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