CREEPTOBER IS OFFICIALLY CREEPIN’. All month long we will discuss the terrifying aspects of life from the stereotypical Halloween schlock to the horrifying aspects of power in our lives. Drew and Bob kick it off with an ESPN documentary (related to the 30 for 30 series) about the madness of mass fandom and the dude that probably handled it better than most people could have. We return to Alex Gibney for his ESPN film “Catching Hell”. In 2003 the Chicago Cubs were looking good in the playoffs going into game 6 of the National League Championship series, until Luis Castillo for the Marlins hit what looked to be an easy pop up that drifts foul into the stands towards a turtle-necked, bespectacled fellow wearing headphones who stuck his hand out and fumbled a ball that Moises Alou looked to be able to grab. Afterwards, the Cubs fell apart. They gave up 8 runs in a clutch inning, a Chicago Cubs tradition. But that fan, poor Steve Bartman, suddenly held the weight and anger of a city on his back. Not all celebrity is good. We appropriately open up Creeptober with the worst day in a guy’s life. The scariest things are real, and not much is scarier than tens of thousands of drunk, angry, white Chicagoans that want your head on a stick. You’ll find out who your real friends are in that scenario. Get creeped. Stay Creepin’. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer.

The incident.

Do the Bartman, please.

Listen to Drew’s sports talk show “Walk It Off” and Garage/punk show “Loud Love”

High end education.</p

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