This is it! We bookend Herzog month with one last Werner Herzog documentary. Bob and Angela went very deep cut on this one. So deep that we don’t have any English translation of this film that Werner made for German television back in 1971. It’s about the status of children who have a variety of physical disabilities, not least of which are birth defects from the usage of Thalidomide. Bob and Angela discuss Werner’s “Handicapped Future/Behinderte Zukunft” and it’s available on YouTube. Much more convenient if you understand the German language. You can translate it from the German subtitles, but if you do that you can see that it barely helps. Nonetheless, we persisted. We won’t let pesky things like “not understanding foreign languages” get in the way of a Documenteers episode! Ironically, Bob took German in high school and did pretty well, but all that information got pushed out to make room for stuff like “What are the names of all of Batman’s sidekicks?” and Legend of Zelda puzzle solutions. Farewell to Herzog Month. Now we head to CREEPTOBER OCTOBER! Keep on Doccin’

Here’s the film. Good luck, non-German speakers.

About Thalidomide.

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