Let’s get deep, Doccalo. No, not deep like that you goddamn pervert! We mean “cave deep”. Chauvet Cave “deep”. All kinds of Ginger for this Herzog Month and she selected this week’s Werner Herzog directed documentary “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” from 2010. When archaeologists found a hidden cave in southern France, they knew it could be special, but they couldn’t have possibly predicted what they found. Cave drawings. Well preserved and at least 32,000 years old. The oldest known so far. Werner had unprecedented, and limited, access to this cave that is a window to understanding life during the Paleolithic Ice Age. You wouldn’t believe what was wandering around Southern France at the time. The Wooly Three-Horned Gérard Depardieu! Baguette trees as far as the eyes could see! Behold with Bob and Ginger, the works of the first French Artsy Fartsy Man®. Guest starring Andy Gibb. Try not to get Carbon Dioxide poisoning and Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer.

The Chauvet recreation!

An essay.

Try not to shake your ass too hard.

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