WOW! We (and you) just can’t believe it actually happened! The Documenteers managed to make it to 100 episodes. All those hours and hours and hours of….this. 100 documentaries. Months worth of editing time spent. Friendships shook. Relationships strained. All of that processed to this very point. Stuart and Bob discuss Werner Herzog’s biographical documentary “My Best Fiend”. A film about Werner’s turmoiled times with the notorious German actor Klaus Kinski. Stuart and Bob hosted episode 1 of the Documenteers. Perfect that they come together for episode 100 to discuss a film about a turmoiled friendship full of bickering, lies, and a smidgen of violence. You can watch “My Best Fiend” for freebies over at .

A big special thing for this episode is that it is full of TOTALLY REAL CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS! We run the gamut of famous folks in this one! Authors! Actors! Comedians! Musicians! Politicians! Billionaires! We trot out all the hot shit for this episode. Also, this might be Stuart’s last episode. He wouldn’t speak of it on mic. He would probably deny it if you spoke to him directly about it. Stuart demanded the show start reviewing porn. He put his foot down and said it was either “Me and Porn” or “No-Porn and No-me”. Maybe someday we can patch this up, but probably not until Stuart seeks help with his porn addiction.

But it’s ok. We got celebrities. We got flashbacks. We got some lost bits that you’ve never heard before. We got an extra sized end bumper. And finally, we have the name of the actor who played “Marie” in “Woyzeck”. Her name is Eva Mattes and we apologize for not remembering your name Eva. Your performance was fantastic.

Also, Bob doesn’t write these episode descriptions. It’s me…Herman. I can’t believe this bullshit podcast has lasted this long and I’m embarrassed for everyone involved and embarrassed for anyone who listened to 2 seconds of this. I should do the world a favor and set this studio on fire. Nobody ever reads these so who gives a shit. I’ve jizzed in Bob’s grits multiple times. He always gets seconds. He will never read this and find out because he’s a giant narcissist with his head up his ass. I do think we should review porn, though. I’m with Stuart on this one.

Whatever. Keep on Doccin’

Here’s the trailer to this fuckin’ movie.

Here’s the damn movie, actually.

Here’s the 2nd half of the damn movie.

Here’s a thing.

Give 5 stars and a review or your face will fall off and we’ll die.

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