Here we go, Doccalo! The second annual Herzog month officially begins and we hit Akil with his first ever Werner Herzog documentary and it’s one of his most prolific. Timothy Treadwell loves bears. I mean reeeaaaalllllyyyy loves bears. So much that he spent years on the Alaska peninsula hanging around bears and befriending foxes in order to protect them from poachers that don’t seem to come around. Unfortunately Timothy and his companion Amy, would find their end by a bear attack when they stayed a little too far into the autumn one year. Bob and Akil discuss the one and only “Grizzly Man” and we may or may not have struck that fine balance between humor and tragedy. We go a little hard on this documentary that can be quite difficult in moments. You gotta give this to Timothy…he was one of a kind. Depending on the situation, that might not be a good thing. His actions maybe had more consequences than he realized at the time and many folk have different ideas about it. Let’s dive into this mess. Keep on leaving Grizzly bears alone.

The trailer.

Timothy on Letterman.


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