Here we go, Doccalo. The Herzog month pre-show is here and Bob and Angela discuss what can be considered “extra content” for their Gates of Heaven discussion earlier this week. Werner Herzog bet Errol Morris that he would eat his shoe if Errol completed his first film. Errol accomplished that task to critical acclaim so Les Blank brought a camera to document Werner keeping up his end of the bargain. This short doc is true motivation for the arts, and we’re not talking about some bullshit hallmark meme instagram motivational baloney. What goes well with shoe? Should you steal for your art? Does Werner slurp his shoelace like sketti? Didn’t Chaplain eat a shoe? Don’t be afraid to listen. Werner hates cowards. Let Herzog month begin!

Here’s a Spanish subtitled version with bad audio on Dailymotion.

Peep this knowledge.

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