Yo, Doccalo. After over a year and a half of the greatest documentary themed podcast in the universe, we FINALLY get to an Errol Morris film. It just so happens to be the one that started Errol onto the path that we all know. Angela and Bob pave the road on the way to Herzog month by watching the Errol Morris classic “Gates of Heaven”. Because it exists, Werner Herzog had to eat his shoe. More on that later. Let’s go into this geriatric culture of the pet cemetery business. All the love and heartache and gossip and motivational speeches and sick-ass guitar jams overlooking quaint patches of beloved pets laid to rest that your over-fed heart can handle. Angela has had this on her mind for a long time and now her pet-lovin’ ass gets to discuss it and cry. Watch out for “Fondling” and “Three-Way Explosions”. Old folks are funny…and sad. Keep on Doccin’.

Oh shit! Here’s the whole flick! Sweet! 

Werner Herzog eats His Shoe. This will come up later.

Here’s that Ramones song

Learn what the old man was talking about.

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